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In order to stay on the cutting edge and off the cutting room floor it is essential to have beautiful, up to date imagry of yourself to stay competitive in today's modern market.  But the prices on some of these services have gotten to be insane.  We are here to help, providing Headshot and Demo creation for artists without destroying your pocketbook.  Demo Reels Starting at $150 for assembly and $500 for filming.

**(Keep an eye out for discount season!)**

Services: We provide high quality services and intentionally undercut the market prices to give you a hand.  Whether you just need an update or you want to build a reel from scratch, we are here to help.

FILMING and EDITING services

Professional Resources

If you have made it this far, you have seen some of what we can do.  Click the link below to inquire about freelance editing services, filming and directing. We have everything you need from an entire film crew complete with designers down to renting a piece of equipment.  If we can help you, we will.

Tip: Please be as clear and concise as possible when contacting us so we know exactly where your need lies.  We aren't the appropriate group for everything but we can at least point you in the right direction if you describe your need.

WORKSHOPS begin on May 1st

Summer Master Classes

Our Summer Master Class session is about to kick off for 2019!  We have everything you need as an artist and as a person.  From Monologue Coaching to Resistence Training and Movement Classes, we will keep you in shape both physically and artistically year round!  Come train with our amazing team of teaching artists and get ready for a new way of being.


Our teaching artists are evolving along with their craft and striving to find the discovery in every moment.  You have never taken a class like this before.


Classes:  Details and Descriptions

-Auditon and Monologue Coaching w/ Katya Campbell            -Acting Intensive w/ Adeole Role

-Dance and Movement w/ Courtney Self                                     -Stage Combat w/ Adele Rylands

-Vocal Performance w/ Kate Brennan                                           -Clown and Playwriting w/ Jeremiah Neal


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